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Become a COGENT Advisor

Be the boss without having boss responsibilities.

Are you an experienced advisor who wants to keep more of the revenue you generate?  COGENT might be for you.

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100% Payout

Keep more of your revenue.

Whether you earn fees from AUM based Advisory Fees, planning fees, or hourly fees, the RIA does not take a percentage off the top.

Flat Affiliation Fee

All you need is a computer and an office.

Your flat affiliation fee covers everything you need to run a comprehensive wealth management practice. It only changes when the cost of underlying software and services change, just like if you were the business owner.  Except, you benefit by coming in at the cost of the third advisor, not the first, allowing you to benefit from economies of scale.  

Note:  Some fees charged to the firm are not included in the affiliation fee and are passed through to the Advisor at cost. These fees are typically small and are known by Advisor well in advance.

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Multi Custodian Platform

Best of both worlds.

Cogent utilizes both Schwab and Equity Advisor Solutions as Custodians for client accounts.  You'll have both the power of a national brand and of a boutique custodian.  

Comprehensive Wealth Management

360-degree client offering

Cogent offers a full suite of software and services.  When combined with the offerings of our affiliates and custodian partners, you are empowered to handle all aspects of your client's financial life. Financial planning, cash management, investment management, private investments, pledged asset lines of credit, mortgages, tax planning and preparation, and more.

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Investment Management

Sophisticated & open architecture

Construct custom models using stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and cash management options available through our partner custodians.  Private investments available through CAIS and iCapital.  Sophisticated portfolio management and performance reporting tools through Orion, including Eclipse rebalancing software.  iRebal rebalancing software available through Schwab.

Financial Planning 

All the tools you need.

Cogent utilizes both a goal based planning solution (RightCapital) and a cash flow based planning solution (Orion Planning, formerly Advizr).  Also, you'll have access to tax planning software from Holistiplan. All included in your flat affiliation fee.

Office Meeting

Back Office Support

You get to focus on your clients

Cogent provides back office support to empower you to focus on your clients' needs and marketing your practice. Back office activities included in your affiliation fee include:

  • Client account opening

  • NIGO management

  • Client distributions

  • Compliance activities

  • Securities Attorney consultation

  • Client billing

  • Client data input for planning software

  • Pre-filling of client forms/digital onboarding

  • Vendor management

  • Software interconnectivity management

Marketing Tools

Expand your brand

Your affiliation fee includes marketing software to help you stay top of mind with your contacts and prospects.  Ready to post articles and market commentary, as well as sophisticated charts on the markets and the economy.  Additionally, your clients will have a white labeled client portal to view a consolidated summary of their net worth, including non-managed accounts, liabilities, and assets, and their managed accounts' performance. Lastly, you'll have as many pages as you need on the website.

Office Meeting

Other Benefits

Putting the cherry on top.

In addition to all the software and back office support needed to run your comprehensive wealth management practice, the following are included in your affiliation fee:

  • Industry Memberships

    • XY Planning Network​

    • NAPFA

  • E&O Insurance

  • Business Phone with Automated Attendant

  • Zoom Virtual Meeting Software

  • Client Scheduling Software

  • Compliant Texting App

  • Microsoft 365 (for up to 5 devices)

  • Website and email hosting under

  • CRM software

  • Annual registration fees

Affiliation Options

Your brand, or ours?

You have flexibility when it comes to affiliating with Cogent.

  • Cogent Advisor.

  • Team Branding

  • Fully Personalized Branding.

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