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Five client-oriented principles comprise The Cogent Way. Every Cogent advisor must adhere to them in order to remain with the firm. These principles allow our clients to feel confident they are receiving bonafide advice, not sales presentations, from an expert in both investments and financial planning


No. 1

No Commissions

Our Advisors operate exclusively on a fee-based system. They have given up their Series 7 license that allows them to receive commissions as a broker. For investments, they are compensated on a percentage basis relative to the value of the accounts they manage. Therefore, their incentive is to recommend the best investments possible to help grow their client's accounts and to monitor them closely. Not a "one and done" commission model whereby they receive a big up-front commission regardless of how the investment performs. Commission-based business models incentivize the sales process, not the nurturing process necessary for long term success.  For financial plans, a one-time planning fee or hourly fees apply and are disclosed before the client signs a planning agreement.