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Wealth Management for High Net Worth Clients

COGENT Private Wealth serves qualified clients with sophisticated wealth management solutions and strategies. Together with Cogent Tax Strategies and a myriad of third party experts, Private Wealth Advisors help clients/families having a minimum net worth of $1 million (excluding their primary residence).  Clients/families having a minimum current investment portfolio, including real estate and collectibles, of at least $5 million will be able to benefit from our full suite of solutions.  COGENT's Private Wealth Advisors have special training in identifying and implementing solutions catering to the advanced needs of their clients.

Private Wealth Solutions

Banking and Cash Management

Available Cash & Lending Solutions

  • No fee bank accounts

  • Checks and debit cards

  • Purchasable money market positions

  • High Yield savings accounts with FDIC insurance up to $25MM

  • ACH links to your existing banks.

  • Online bill pay

  • Mortgages

  • Pledged Asset Lines of Credit

  • Schwab American Express and American Express Platinum Cards

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Financial Planning

Comprehensive Planning

  • Unlimited comprehensive planning services including retirement, tax mitigation, estate & legacy, college funding and cash flow.

  • Charitable giving and gifting planning

  • 1031 Exchange planning

  • No additional cost for investment management clients (after initial plan)

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Investment Management

Private Wealth Solutions

  • Accounts available through multiple custodians

  • Professional portfolio management

  • Institutional share classes

  • Nonproprietary investments

  • Access to private investments like hedge funds, private equity, private credit, and private real estate.

  • Individual stock and bond trading

  • Physical assets in IRA's like gold and silver coins and investment real estate.

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST's)

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*Tax and Other

Additional Services

  • Via Cogent Tax Strategies

    • Tax return prep​ by licensed CPA's and EA's

    • Tax "what if's"

    • Tax return analysis

    • Expat tax services

    • 1031 exchange and cost segregation

    • 25% discount for Investment Management clients

  • Trusts created by licensed attorneys

  • Corporate trustee services

  • Personal aircraft and yacht financing

  • Business Valuation

*Requires additional fees to third parties.​

Filling Out Tax Form

Note: Most of these solutions are offered through COGENT's third party vendors.  Each go through a due diligence process in order to make it on our platform.  However, this process does not ensure clients will make money.  Many of these offerings are illiquid, contain significant risks and are not guaranteed to make money.  Not all of these solutions are appropriate for all COGENT Private Wealth Clients as Clients must meet minimum qualifications based on their state of residence.

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