Sophisticated Solutions for Qualified Clients

COGENT Private Wealth serves qualified clients with sophisticated wealth management solutions and strategies. Private Wealth Advisors help clients/families having a minimum net worth of $1 million (excluding their primary residence).  Clients/families having a minimum current investment portfolio, including real estate and collectibles, of at least $5 million will be able to benefit from our full suite of solutions.  COGENT Private Wealth Advisors have special training in identifying and implementing solutions catering to the advanced needs of their clients.

Note:  We have Replays of Private Wealth Webinars  posted on a private page.  These videos cover topics like Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Private Credit, etc.  If your net worth exceeds $1 million, excluding your primary residence, contact us to receive the link.

COGENT Private Wealth

Commission-Free Solutions

Note: Most of these solutions are offered through COGENT's third party vendors.  Each go through a due diligence process in order to make it on our platform.  However, this process does not ensure clients will make money.  Many of these offerings are illiquid, contain significant risks and are not guaranteed to make money.  Not all of these solutions are appropriate for all COGENT Private Wealth Clients as Clients must meet minimum qualifications based on their state of residence. COGENT is not a tax or legal advisor. Clients must consult their own tax and legal advisors prior to participating in any of these solutions. Nothing on this page constitutes a recommendation of a particular investment or strategy.