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Account Custodians

A COGENT Relationship

Checks and Balances are Important. That's why COGENT does NOT custody client assets.  That's the role of the Custodian.

(Scroll down for more about how You, COGENT and Your Custodian work together)

Role 2:


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As Your Investment Advisor, COGENT works with You and Your Custodian to best serve your financial interests.  The following is a partial list of COGENT's functions:

  • Works with You to develop customized strategy and Investment Policy Statement

  • Directs Custodian to place trades in your account(s)

  • Initiates money movements between linked account(s), if authorized by You

  • Receives Your account data from Custodian to use in proprietary systems for portfolio management, performance reporting, billing, compliance, and relationship management

  • Provides You with pertinent reports

  • Provides ongoing management of Your account(s) and financial plan

  • Provides You with Periodic Review Meetings

Role 1: You

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You are the center of this relationship and the most important piece. The following is a partial list of  Your functions:

  • Work with COGENT to develop strategy & select investments

  • Can contact COGENT or Custodian to place trades and initiate contributions and withdrawals

  • Can access accounts by phone and online through Custodian

  • Can view account information, including performance, and a secure document vault through your COGENT Portal

  • Receives official accounting documents like statements, tax documents and trade confirmations from Custodian

  • Receives Performance Reports and Billing Documents from COGENT

  • Receives ongoing investment management, review meetings, and financial planning services from COGENT

 Role 3:


Antique Safe

Your Custodian fills a vital role to ensure proper accounting of your assets and links you to other financial institutions.  The following is a partial list of their functions:

  • Maintains custody of your funds and investments

  • Offers services like check writing, debit cards, bill pay, and more

  • Provides accounting for Investments Held, Trades Placed, Income Received and Account Valuation

  • Links Your account(s) to other institutions like your bank or another brokerage firm

  • Participates in SIPC and FDIC Insurance programs, as applicable, depending on Your investments

  • Provides statements, tax documents and trade confirmations

  • Takes trade and money movement orders from You and COGENT

  • Provides Your account data to COGENT

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