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Where Wisdom & Integrity Meet-


 “Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. Integrity is taking it.”

-M.H. McKee

A COGENT Revelation

COGENT INDEPENDENT ADVISORS was founded in May, 2012, by Kristopher (Kris) Schnell.  Kris named the firm to communicate his vision as a place where Advisors could work as fiduciaries for their clients without the constraints and conflicts of interest imposed by product commissions, sales managers and proprietary products.  He had been a Financial Advisor with Banc of America Investments (which became Merrill Lynch after Bank of America acquired Merril) through the financial crisis of 2008.  Having grown disillusioned with the Wall Street business model, he accepted a Financial Planner position with Metlife of Southern California on the promise they were starting a fiduciary planning division.  Alas, they were mainly selling Metlife financial products like high commission annuities and life insurance.  It was then that he had a revelation.  He saw the one right path to delivering unbiased financial advice.  The path to being a true Advisor.  He had finally gained the wisdom needed to make the change.  That wisdom, of course, being the realization that the fee-only business model was the only way to shield his clients from the greedy hands of Wall Street firms and insurance companies. With a fire fueled by integrity, he struck out down the road less traveled and COGENT was born.

Our Name Says it All



"COGENT" is an adjective meaning clear, logical and convincing.  This is the fee-only business model that not only allows COGENT Advisors to clearly focus on their clients' needs but legally requires them to put their clients' best interests before their own. It also means there aren't any sales managers pressuring COGENT Advisors to produce more revenue for the firm. No sales goals and no incentive bonuses, prizes or vacation trips for top "producers" - just one clearly defined goal:  Focus on our Clients' Best Interests.



"INDEPENDENT" means COGENT Advisors do not work for any particular investment product manufacturer nor is there any incentive given to recommend one over another. We get our clients the best from the financial world, not what a company has decided to make available (and are often based on revenue sharing agreements). 


 "ADVISORS" means truly professional advice givers - not sales people pitching financial products. Advisors also means that COGENT Advisors are experts in both investments and financial planning.

Cogent Elephant Only.png


COGENT's logo is an elephant with it's trunk pointing back onto itself.  The power and intelligence of the elephant signifies COGENT's principles based business model while the position of the trunk represents good luck (and conveniently making a "C").

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