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A Modern Way to Monitor Your Wealth

Take Your Cogent Portal With You - Get the myAdvisor Mobile App

Use this portal to stay updated with your account's performance, asset allocation and holdings.  Also, use the vault feature to view important documents like your account application, investment advisory agreement, financial plans, estate documents and more.


Note:  All account values in the Cogent Client Portal are as of the close of the previous business day.  Trades can not be placed and money can not be moved using this portal.  For these items, log into your Custodian's site (see Custodian Login on this page or detailed information HERE).


Immediate Access to Your Money

Your Custodian is important because that's where your money actually is.  Cogent does not custody client assets.  Online access services provided by your Custodian are tailor-made especially for clients of Registered Investment Advisors. Use their site to see real-time account values and position prices, place trades and initiate money movements like checks, wires, ACH transfers and IRA distributions. This is also where you access account statements, tax documents and trade confirmations. In addition to accessing your accounts online, you may contact your custodian via Phone or mail.


More Custodian Information


Master Your Tomorrow

Our financial planning tool is a powerful, interactive suite of projection tools to help our clients prepare for all aspects of their financial plan.  Our digital onboarding process makes it easy to interface with your COGENT Advisor.