At Cogent, Your Best Interest is our Only interest

What do you call doing business with an advisor where the deck is always stacked in your favor?  Cogent.

We're a group of financial planners and investment advisors united behind the belief that our clients' best interests always come first.  That's why we've adopted a fee-only business model.  This means we've limited conflicts of interest by eschewing the ability to earn commissions on investment products and giving up our licenses to sell insurance.  And, by eliminating these aspects of the traditional financial advisor's practice, we've also gotten rid of another major source of conflicted interests - the sales manager.  That's right, there's no one here pushing our advisors to put the interest of the corporation over those of their clients.  Our advisors' only job is to serve their clients, not the corporation.

We're here to help all of our clients and their unique needs related to their retirement and investing their hard earned money. No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients.  

Cogent Independent Advisors, Inc. has well over 30 years of financial-planning and investing experience between it's advisors.

We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their financial futures, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

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"Cogent" Defined:  An argument or case that is Clear, Logical and Convincing.

What we Don't do

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  • Sell Financial Products
  • Earn Commissions
  • Sell Insurance
  • Push Proprietary Products
  • Accept Gifts from Product Wholesalers